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The concept for the Shaanxi Yulin Chemical 1.8 million tons/year Ethylene-glycol plant using a coal gasification plant has passed expert testing

23. August 2019

August 15-16, Shaanxi Coal Group Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. A fundamental design review for coal fractionation and use of new chemical materials in the demonstration project of a 1.8 million tons/year ethylene-glycol plant using a coal gasification plant took place in Xi'an. At the same time, a review of the basic design of the facilities for the storage and transport of coal, dimethyl oxalate and ethylene glycol was executed and a consensus was reached. The meeting was attended by 20 leading chemical industry experts from across the country, heads of Shaanxi Coal Group's Capital Construction Management Department, Strategic Planning Commission, Chemistry Department, Financial Assets Department, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Department, Yulin Chemical Company leadership team members, and related professionals and technicians. CHOREN was invited to participate in that examination as patent holder of the gasification technology.

This basic design review was executed by seven teams: Process, Equipment, Master Plan and Utilities, Electrics, GSU, and Cost Estimates. Shaanxi Coal Group Yulin Chemical Co.,Ltd. and China Power Engineering Consulting Group Northwest Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. presented the basic design documents of the coal gasification plant, the dimethyl oxalate and glycol plant, and the coal storage and transportation. The experts of the meeting carefully discussed and reviewed the basic design of the above-mentioned plants and prepared the test protocol, giving valuable advice for improving and optimizing the above-mentioned plant designs. At the same time, the expert group unanimously concluded that the above basic design meets the requirements of the relevant national laws and standards, the design documents are complete, and the content and depth meet the requirements of the "Regulations on the Design Content of Basic Engineering of Petrochemical Equipment" (SPMP-STD-EM2003-2016) of China National Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. It was agreed to declare the examination by the expert group as passed, so that the next detailed construction can be executed according to the expert opinion.

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