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Company profile

CHOREN has its headquarter in Beijing and operates further branches in Hong Kong and Germany. The German company CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH is based in Dresden, Saxony, near the well-known gasification plant in Schwarze Pumpe. This operated according to the world-famous patent for a modern energy technology (GSP), which was developed in the former German Fuel Institute (DBI).

The enterprise CHOREN was founded by former employees of the research and development department of the German Fuel Institute (DBI). In addition to the experts from DBI, employees of the Schwarze Pumpe gasification plant and the Royal Dutch Shell Group were also involved in the development. The origin of the name CHOREN is based on the connection of:

C - Carbon
H - Hydrogen
O - Oxygen
REN - renewable

The company has more than 50 years of experience in research and development, design, manufacturing, construction and operation of entrained-flow gasification plants and provides customers with technology licenses, process designs, key equipment, technical services and training, as well as on-site operational support and other services.

Corporate Qualification


The company has 92 domestic and foreign patents, including 42 inventions and 50 utility models.


The company has a Chinese certificate for high-tech companies, a certificate for Zhongguancun high-tech companies, as well as a certificate for new technologies and new products (services) each in Beijing.

In 2018, CHOREN received the China Patent Excellence Award.

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