Technical Features


The CCG® technology is based on a longtime tested process of coal gasification for the production of a high-purity, energy-rich synthesis gas. This development began as early as the 1970s at the German Fuel Institute, as a result of which a pilot plant with a capacity of 750 tons/day of coal dust was in operation in Schwarze Pumpe from 1984.

Since 2012, CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH has been continuing the business area "CCG® coal gasification" of the former CHOREN Industries GmbH.

The extensive know-how in CCG® coal gasification is constantly being further developed by specialists who have been taken over of CHOREN Industries GmbH and other companies.

CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH is the only company in the world that has the know-how and all associated patents and trademark rights for the CCG® coal gasification process and offers corresponding licenses and engineering services for CCG® coal gasification.

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