Laboratory research and development:

From the 1970s, gasification technology was developed on a laboratory scale at the German Fuel Institute (DBI).

Pilot plant:

In 1979, a 3 MW pilot plant was built and a series of basic research and process verification work was completed.

Industrial demonstration plant:

In 1984, an industrial demonstration plant for entrained flow gasification (GSP) with 200 MW (750 tons per day) was built in the Schwarze Pumpe Gas Combine. From 1984 to 1990, lignite dust was used there. From 1990 to 2007, liquid waste and slurries were processed.

CHOREN CCG® dust pressure gasification technology:

After the foundation of CHOREN in 1990, the CCG® coal gasification technology was developed based on the DBI process and the experience gained from Schwarze Pumpe, further improved, and continuously expanded in the following years.

Industrial applications:

In 2007, the construction of a coal gasification plant for the annual production of 500,000 tons of synthetic ammonia for Guizhou Kaiyang Chemical (2 x 400 MW gasifier) started. In 2014, Qinghai Mining Group started a gasification project to generate 600,000 tons of MTO. (6 x 600 MW gasifier).

Industrial Design:

In 2018, the design of a 3000 tond gasifier (900 MW) and associated process packages have been completed.

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