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Mr. Shan Yubing, CEO of CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH, visits Dalu Industrial Park

13. Mai 2020
Source: Ordos Dalu Coal Chemical Base

On the afternoon of May 12, Shan Yubing, CEO of the German CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH and other personalities came to Dalu Park to conduct an inspection and exchange on the application and promotion of coal gasification technology. Ertong Batu, Deputy Executive Minister of the Labour Department of the United Front of the Party Committee of the City, Han Tao, Secretary of the Working Committee of the Dalu Industrial Park Party and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee, and Jin Feng, Director of the Finance Bureau and Head of the Relevant Departments, accompanied the inspection.

The team visited the Yitai Coal to Oil, Jiutai Energy, Donghua Energy, Kailuan Ethylene Glycol and the sandtable of the Management Committee to learn more about the industrial layout, element support, project operation and application of coal gasification technology from various companies. The visit was also dedicated to an intensive exchange of experience on operational safety, production stability, the adaptability of gasification to the changing properties of coal and the economics of common gasification plants in industry.

Through the investigation, the inspection team fully confirmed Dalu Park's industrial agglomeration and business environment, stating that CHOREN Group has always been anxious to use advanced technologies to promote the efficient use of clean energy and the continuous improvement of coal chemistry. Both parties expressed the desire to use this inspection and exchange as an opportunity to implement further innovative cooperation channels and models, the promotion of strong integration and broader cooperation.

It is reported that the CHOREN is a world-famous developer of clean coal gasification technology. It has more than 50 years of experience in research and development, design, manufacturing, construction and operation in the field of dry coal entrained-flow gasification technology.

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