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The world's largest coal chemistry project under construction uses CHOREN's patented technology of entrained-flow coal gasification

17. April 2020
Source: China Tianchen Engineering Co.

On April 3, China Chemical Engineering Tianchen Company and Shaanxi Coal Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully signed the EPC contract for the first phase of the "Demonstration Project of New Materials for Coal Fractionation and Use of chemical Industry" for a 1.8 million tons ethylene glycol gasification plant. In the presence of Zhang Victory, Vice Mayor of Yulin Municipal People's Government, Jiao Zai Yue, Deputy Party Secretary and General Director of Tianchen Company, signed the contract with Song Shijie, Party Secretary and Managing Director of Yulin Chemical Company. The signing ceremony was attended by Sun Shouyang, Director of the Yuchen Administrative Committee, Ma Fei, Deputy Director, Bian Ming, Deputy General Director of Tianchen Company and important executives of Yulin Chemical Company.

Shaanxi Coal and Tianchen look back to a long history of cooperation. Since the successful start of cooperation on the Weihua Methanol Project on the Pucheng Coal-to-Olefin Project and the success of this project, Tianchen has accompanied Shaanxi Coal Group's respectable and splendid development path from Guanzhong to Yulin, witnessing every step of Shaanxi Coal's growth into a leading coal chemical company and sharing the glory of the Pucheng Coal-to-Olefin Project, which was awarded the National Gold Medal in Quality Engineering. The signing of this EPC contract marks the beginning of a new chapter of successful cooperation between the two parties.

Shaanxi Coal Group Yulin Chemical "Coal Fractionation Use of New Chemical Materials Demonstration Project" is the world's largest coal chemistry project currently under construction. With a total area of about 13 square kilometers and an estimated total investment of 125 billion yuan, it currently has the largest coal processing capacity, the highest degree of industrial integration, the most complex technology integration and is a coal conversion demonstration project with the greatest proximity of industry to the end-user market. The Tianchen contract is the EPC of the first phase of the 1.8 million tons ethylene glycol gasification plant, produced by the world-leading technology of CHOREN CCG® gasification of coal dust with the multiple burner concept at the gasifier head and more than 700,000 standard cubic meters of syngas per hour. It is the largest CHOREN demonstration plant in the world for the gasification of coal dust. The successful conclusion of this project has once again consolidated Tianchen's advantageous position in the field of domestic gasification technology!

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