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Guizhou Vice Governor Wang Shijie visited Kaiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. to learn about CHOREN's gasification technology

29. May 2018

To improve comprehensive energy use in Guizhou Province and understand the extensive use of local coal deposits in Guizhou, Vice Governor Wang Shijie led a research team to conduct on-site investigations at Kaiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. in Kaiyang Huangbaijing. In the central control room at the company's production site, Wang Shijie heard the report of the person in charge of Kaiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. and learned more about the application of CHOREN energy gasification technology. He also learned that the CHOREN dust coal gasification technology in Guizhou achieves all performance parameters.

Guizhou Kaiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. has introduced CHOREN's German gasification technology for dry coal dust and built two gasification plants with a daily coal consumption of 1,500 tons each to produce 500,000 tons/year of synthetic ammonia. Since its commissioning in 2013, the plant has been in operation for 5 years and operates effectively with extensive use of Anthracite with high ash melting point, high ash content and high sulfur content, achieving a clean and efficient conversion of coal. The technology has the characteristics of short process flow, high carbon conversion rate, high effective gas composition, etc. It is particularly suitable for the properties of coal in the Guizhou region and plays an important role in the development of the chemical industry in Guizhou and the clean use of difficult coal.

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