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CHOREN was invited to participate in the 8th National Pulverized Coal Gasification Technology Exchange Annual Conference in 2020 and delivered a keynote address

30. November 2020
Source: CHOREN Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The 8th National Pulverized Coal Gasification Technology Exchange Annual Conference 2020, hosted by the National New Coal Gasification Technology Development Committee, "Nitrogenous Fertilizer and Synthesis Gas", and Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. is held on November 26-27.
The predecessor conference was held in Kaifeng, Henan, Huanghe Hotel.
More than 200 representatives from coal chemical enterprises, technology suppliers, equipment suppliers, design institutes and research institutes from all over the country attended the annual conference.

A team of experts from CHOREN was invited to participate. As a long-standing company in the field of coal gasification and a leader in advanced coal gasification technology in China, CHOREN experts gave a keynote presentation on "Development and technical application of CHOREN CCG gasification technology”.

Our experts showed the history and development of CHOREN gasification technology, the technical introduction and application of CHOREN-CCG® gasification technology, the development direction and business model of CHOREN Co. Ltd. and discussed the characteristics of CHOREN gasification technology, its advantages and experiences. Typical applications of a "triple difficult coal" (high degree of carbonization (anthracite), high ash content and high melting temperature) and future technical development directions were topics during the exchange on experiences with this key technology.

CHOREN's presentation left a deep impression on the participants. The industry participants gained a deeper understanding of CHOREN's efficient pulverized coal gasification technology, which received much praise and recognition from all.

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