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Help in times of need, Chinese donations in times of crisis

19. June 2020
Source: CHOREN Energy Technology (Peking) Co., Ltd.

The Deaconess Hospital in Dresden, Germany, received donated masks from CHOREN, indicating the cooperation and friendship between Germany and China.

Early in the morning of June 15, CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH received a special letter in its electronic mailbox. This letter was not an ordinary business letter, but a special email full of gratitude for the donation of 2000 FFP2 masks given by CHOREN.

The email was sent by the Deaconess Hospital in Dresden, Germany, which expressed its sincere gratitude to CHOREN for the unexpected donation of masks to the hospital in early June. In it, the hospital expresses its pleasure and appreciation for CHOREN's donation, emphasizes that this is a strong manifestation of CHORENs courage to take social responsibility, and is worth publicizing to all sectors of society to encourage others to take such a step as well. To this end, the hospital will publish graphic content in professional journals to report on the donation event.

The report content is as follows:

Donations in times of crisis
CHOREN donates 2000 FFP2 masks to the Diakonissenkrankenhaus in Dresden
Dresden. On Friday, 05 June, the Ev.-Luth. Diakonissenanstalt Dresden e.V. received two boxes of respiratory protection masks. The Dresden Company CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH had donated 2000 FFP2 masks. Due to the current shortage, these still have to be purchased for the hospital at highly overpriced prices. The employees were even more pleased about the unexpected help. Rector Stephan Siegmund expressed his thanks on behalf of the board of the Diakonissenanstalt Dresden and said: "It is nice to see that companies like CHOREN take social responsibility during the crisis. In this way, we will get through the time well together." Together with the business manager Martin Trogisch and the head physician of the clinic for anesthesia, Dr. Med. Michael Böhme, he accepted the donation.
For Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Klemmer, Senior Vice President at CHOREN, the donation is an expression of German-Chinese cooperation. "The Chinese owners of our company were able to provide such mask. They took advantage of this opportunity, asking us to donate these masks locally." At Deaconess Hospital, FFP2 masks are worn, among other things, in the care of actuated or suspected Covid 19 cases and in the treatment of high-risk groups.

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