PDP Kick-Off Meeting

11. Juni 2019


PDP Kick-off meeting for the first phase of 400,000 T / Y ethylene glycol gasification plant of Yulin Energy Group was held on June 11th. in Tianjin.

HAZOP-Analyse Meeting

20. - 29. Mai 2019


The HAZOP analysis meeting of the 1.8 million T/Y ethylene glycol gasification unit of Shaanxi Coal and Yulin Chemical was successfully held from May 20th. to May 29th.



NationalAllianceOfHydrogen Choren is a member „NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF HYDROGEN AND FUEL CELL“ since 2018.

Enhanced cooperation to decrease energy consumption – signing ceremony in the context of German state visit to China

Source: China News Service
Jun 13, 2016

Photo: China News Service/Liu ChenIn the presence of Germany's Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH and its Chinese Partner the Sino-German Ecopark Qingdao signed a strategic agreement on CHORENs investment in the Ecopark where an R&D project to set up a heat recovery system for flue gas is planned to launch. The system based on CHOREN CCG®-technology recovers heat from hot flue gas and can be used in a wide field of industries e.g. steel production, power stations, chemistry, cement, paper, non-ferrous metal and other branches. The heat exchanger
significantly reduces the temperature of the flue gas supplied by the boiler and puts this heat to use in thermodynamic systems for power plants, central heating, refrigeration, desalination or other large-scale heat consuming processes.

In April 2008 Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel attended the opening ceremony of CHOREN Industries GmbH’s production plant to convert biomass into synthetic fuel and emphasized in her speech the innovation and performance power of CHOREN Industries, thanked for their contribution to help Germany to reach sustainable energy supply and underlined that this climate protection technology offers further development opportunities for the German market.

CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH’s heat recovery system uses advanced environmental protection technology and materials. Unlike heat exchangers currently used in China, it consists of acid resistant steel and is therefore suited for operation under corrosion conditions. Capturing waste heat from the flue gas reduces fuel costs and emissions by up to 60%. Especially enterprises with high-energy consumption benefit from this stable, reliable and long-lasting solution to improve efficiency, save energy and meet emission standards.

Heat recovery systems are part of the CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH’s CCG®-coal gasification technology, which currently will be implemented in a large-scale high-pressure gasification plant with a coal throughput of 3000 t per day in China. At the moment, technical negotiations are underway with eligible partner companies.


Waste-heat recovery plant in Qingdao

Apr 21, 2016
CHOREN is going to take part in an investment of 100 Mio. Euro in a waste-heat recovery system for exhaust gas of a power plant located in the Sino-German Ecopark in Qingdao City. The new system will be installed on a total area of 30,000 m² in several steps amounting to approx. 30 Mio. Euro each.
CHOREN and the City of Qingdao announced the signing of the cooperation agreement for June 2016.


Steel structure of Connell gasification project in Inner Mongolia completed

Apr 18, 2016stahlbau connell-anlage innere mongolei
The mounting of the last supporting plate on the gasifier frame marked the completion of the steel construction of Connell’s 300,000 t/a ethylene glycol project.
Located in the High-tech Coal Chemical Industrial Park in the Jarud District near Tongliao in Inner Mongolia, the production complex will be installed in two phases of construction. Provided with two CHOREN CCG®-Coal Dust Gasifiers with a coal throughput of 1,200 t per day each the plant is going to use local lignite to produce a total of 600 kt/a of ethylene glycol (in the first phase 300 kt/a). After mounting the equipment of the gasifier island, the pipeline-system will be installed currently. Installation works are expected to be finished around Q3 2016.



24th Annual Meeting of Gasification Technology in Xuzhou, Jiangsu

Apr 8, 2016
The Chinese National Fertilizer Industry Association had invited to their 24th annual meeting from 6th to 8th April 2016 in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. More than 150 representatives from small- and medium-sized enterprises in the fertilizer sector, technology providers, design institutes and universities attended the meeting in the Zhongshan Hotel.
By invitation of the organizing committee, CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH presented on „How CCG®-Coal Gasification Technology can enhance the traditional gasification process“. Taking the example of a 600.000 t/a ammonia plant, the presentation demonstrated the advantages of the CCG®-Technology concerning planning, investment costs, consumption of raw materials and the control system, and subsequently described how to integrate the new technology into existing plants. Following the presentation, quite a number of participants took this opportunity to come into direct discussion, seeking personal advices for the application of the process in their facilities.


CNOOC receives EIA approval for project in Datong

Feb 25, 2016
China National Offshore Oil Co. (CNOOC) has received formal approval for the environmental impact assessment of a coal gasification project in Datong. After the end of the publication period, where details on the project are released for public access, the “National Development and Reform Commission” (NDRC) may grant the permit of construction. The project in Zuoyun Coal Chemical Industry Base of Datong, Shanxi Province, is a joint venture between CNOOC and Datong Coal Mining Group with a total investment of 25.8 billion Yuan. Using local coal resources, synthesis gas will be produced in two different procedures (fixed bed - and entrained flow gasification). Entrained flow gasification output could reach 1.000.000 Nm3/h of synthesis gas and supply around four bn cu meters of natural gas per year. CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH participated in the bid with its Entrained Flow Gasification Technology and already signed the technical appendices of the contract.
The approval of this project by the Ministry of Environmental Protection is paving the way for other coal-gas projects and shows the contribution of advanced new coal processing technologies to the country’s clean energy policy.

Application of 600 kt/a coal-to-olefins project for EIA accepted

Apr 01, 2016
According to a press release by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, an application by the Qinghai Mining Group Co., Ltd. for assessment of a 600,000 t/a coal-to-olefins projects‘ impact on the ecosystem (Environmental Impact Assessment) has been accepted by the Ministry. As required by the provisions of the approval process for construction projects, details on the project will be made public from April 1, 2016 to April 15, 2016.
Located in the Kunlun Industrial Park in Golmud City, Qinghai Province, the Qinghai Mining Group Co., Ltd.’s 600 kt/a olefins project covers an area of 251.2 hectares. Using local high-chlorine coal, methanol is produced by the sequence of the process steps of gasification, the CO-Shift-conversion and low-temperature methanol washing, and finally the methanol synthesis. In the subsequent MTO process, methanol is converted into ethylene and propylene. Propylene undergoes polymerization and granulation to produce refined polypropylene products whereas ethylene is transported via pipeline to the Qinghai Saltlake Group magnesium project where it serves as feedstock of PVC production.
Qinghai Mining Group’s choice of technology is CHOREN’s Dry Coal Dust Gasification Technology, planning to build up six gasifiers with a capacity of 2,000 tons of coal per day.  
The acceptance of the EIA application by the Ministry of Environmental Protection is an important milestone for the project.

Successful conclusion of the PDP-review conference with the Qinghai Mining Group

Mar 18, 2015
In a meeting with representatives from the Qinghai Mining Group, CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH presented its process design package of the CCG®-Coal Gasification Technology for a 600.000 t/a olefins project in the Qaidam Circular Economy Pilot Zone. Along with Chairman Cao Daling and Vice President Li Xuehui of Qinghai Mining Group, Vice President Xu Chun of China Tianchen Engineering Co. (TCC), a Chinese design institute, attended the review meeting in Dresden together with TCC's leading process engineer Lin Binbin and other technicians.

The meeting focused on the details of the design principles, the process, the technical features, the project configuration and the layout of the PDP for the CCG®-Coal Gasification Technology elaborated by CHOREN. Following the presentation, the attendees referred on their practical experiences in coal-chemical processes and discussed on ways of optimization. Qinghai Mining Group Chairman Mr. Cao obviously was very satisfied with the results of the review and announced to take measures in order to prepare the next strategic steps. Jointly, all parties signed the minutes recording the delivery of the final version of the technology package.

Qinghai Mining group is planning to install six CHOREN CCG®-Coal Dust Gasifier with a daily capacity of 2000 tons in Golmud, Qinghai Province. Technology licenses, PDP, Proprietary Equipment and design of the utility facilities will be supplied by CHOREN. TCC is responsible for the basic and the detailed engineering design. The successful review of the PDP and its confirmation provides a sound basis for the further development of the whole project.

Connell ethylene-glycol plant in Inner Mongolia employs the CCG® coal gasification process


The company Connell Chemieindustrie GmbH, resident in Inner Mongolia (China), signed a contract at the beginning of July 2013 with the German company CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH concerning engineering performances for a system for the high-temperature gasification of coal. Jointly with the coal gasification system, a production complex will be installed for the manufacture of ethylene-glycol from synthesis gas with a production capacity of 600,000 t/a (in the first phase 300,000 t/a).

After the CCG®coal-dust gasification process of CHOREN has already been successful employed in a gas synthesis plant for Guizhou Kaiyang Chemicals GmbH for the manufacture of synthetic ammonia, with a production capacity of 500,000 t/a, an industrial application of the process is now implemented renewed.

The system, whose completion is planned for September 2015, is located in the Jarud District near the city of Tongliao in Inner Mongolia (China), and will be provided with two CHOREN CCG® coal-dust gasifiers with a coal throughput of 2500 t per day in total.

The selection of the CHOREN CCG® gasification process was made by the Principal following careful comparison of various domestic, as well as foreign, coal gasification processes with regard to the stage of development of the process, the cost-effectiveness of the investment and the reliability of the system to be expected.

The German company CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH will take over the provision of the know-how for the CHOREN CCG® coal dust gasification process, the PDP (Process Design Package), key equipment and special equipment supply, as well as the training of the operating personnel.

CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH, which is resident in Germany, is a company active globally in the application of advanced coal-gasification technology. In the sector involving entrained-bed gasification of coal dust, it has acquired experience over more than 40 years of research and development activity in the areas of process development, system design, project planning, system construction and operation of high-temperature gasification systems, and, with the CHOREN CCG® gasification process, has obtained experience from a process developed to industrial maturity for the generation of synthesis gas.

The CHOREN CCG® coal dust gasification process is already being successfully used in a system for Guizhou Kaiyang Chemicals GmbH for the manufacture of synthetic ammonia, with a production capacity of 500,000 t/a.

This system employs two CHOREN CCG® gasifiers (with a coal throughput of 3000 t/d in total). In January 2013 it was integrated into the overall process and a specification-related product manufactured. The gasification system has been used commercially since then.

Successful operational commissioning of the YanKuangKaiYang ammonia system

YanKuang KaiYang Chemical 500,000 t/a ammonia system taken into operation

On 21.01.2013 the successful operational commissioning of the YanKuang KaiYang ammonia system was reported, with a planned production capacity of 500,000 t/a. Specification-related products were manufactured. The YanKuang project was realized by the company GuiZhou Energie Chemical Co. Ltd. in which the YanKuang Group and the GuiZhouKaiLin Group jointly participate. The system is located in GuiZhou Province, Administrative District KaiYang. The capital expenditure amounted to 4.2 billion Yuan.

The CCG® coal-gasification process of the company CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH from Germany is employed in order to produce the necessary synthesis gas for the manufacture of 500,000 t/a ammonia. The finished product is sold to the GuiZhouKaiLin Group. The building phase of the project began at the end of 2009, and the test phase of the system started in June 2012.

Source: Journal "China coal chemical monthly newspaper" from Asiachem, Issue Jan. 2013