Building on know-how acquired in the operation of a multi-burner gasifier in Gaskombinat Schwarze Pumpe (GSP)

1983 - 1990: Gasification of 720 t/d hard coal for town gas
1990 - 2007: Gasification of organic waste to 75 MW IGCC and 120 kt/a methanol

a first CCG® project in China was begun in the year 2007.

System for the generation of ammonia from anthracite coal, with integrated CCG® technology (2x 400 MW gasifiers)


Guizhou Province /China

Production capacity of synthesis gas generation:
140,000 cubic meter/hour

Production capacity of the ammonia generation:
500,000 ton/year

2008: Transfer PDP
2012: Commissioning tests

Scope of supply and service of the system planned at that time by CHOREN Industries, Freiberg


  • Technology license
  • Process Design Package (PDP)
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering for burner technology and pressurized equipment
  • Delivery of the core components
  • Technical services