Technical service

For our CCG® technology, we offer our customers a comprehensive know-how package:
As well as the engineering services necessary for the construction of a CCG gasification system and the delivery of core components, we make available to our customers the necessary operator know-how for the safe and efficient operation of such a system.

If required, our highly qualified specialists control and monitor the operational commissioning and startup activities of your system and, based on long-standing, practical experience, thus ensure a rapid transition of the new system into everyday operation according to specification.

Significant component parts of our know-how transfer are the theoretical instruction and the practice-related training of your operating personnel. In this case, we place value on the communication of process-specific knowledge and corresponding situation-related conduct.

As a matter of course we offer our customers long-standing contracts for the maintenance of the system components supplied by us.
Also included here are the delivery and supply with replacement and wear parts.