CCG®-Engineering Packages

In accordance with the requirements of the project, the process design and basic engineering package for systems for synthesis gas generation, as well as the detail engineering for the CHOREN core components of the gasification system, are prepared.

The CCG® basic engineering package includes
(among other things):

  • Design layout basics (basis of design)
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Process-Flow Diagrams (PFD) / process description
  • P&I schematics (PID)
  • Equipment specifications
  • Specifications relating to controls and regulations
  • Specification of safety-technical requirements
  • Specifications of health protection, occupational safety and environmental management (HSE)
  • Operating principles (operation instructions)

Further performances which we offer:

  • Process-technical layout
  • Construction of the core components
  • Piping planning
  • Layout and installation planning
  • Process control technology
  • EMSR technology
  • Technical system security
  • Technical documentation
  • Machine technology / engineering management