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CHOREN's CCG pulverized coal gasifier reached Yiding project site in Inner Mongolia

01. April 2022
Source: Autor: CHOREN Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

In the early morning of March 24, 2022, CCG-CHOREN's 2000 t/day pulverized coal gasifier reached the Ordos project site in Inner Mongolia. It is the heart of the gasification plant for the project to produce 600,000 tons/year of synthetic ammonia and 1.04 million tons/year of urea by Ordos Yiding Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.
Yiding Company plans to build a new gasifier with a daily pulverized-coal throughput of 2,000 tons, including related supporting facilities and ancillary equipment. Shanghai Huanqiu contracts the project and coal gasification will be carried out by CHOREN CCG pulverized coal gasification technology. The project is cooperating with Bank of Kunlun, a subsidiary of CNPC, which is providing general contracting + financing of engineering projects (EPC + F) as a business cooperation model to provide customers with financial resources, engineering technology and overall process services for engineering construction.
CHOREN's 2000-ton gasifier has a net weight of 278 tons and is 3.5 meters in diameter and 22.6 meters long.

The successful installation of the CHOREN gasifier into the plant marks an important milestone in the reconstruction of the gasification unit of the Yiding Project in Ordos City.

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