Project development

In joint cooperation with yourself, we design project-planning for integrated coal gasification technology up to the stage of decision-making maturity.
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Our service

Planning, layout and installation of systems for synthesis gas generation, in particular for the Chinese market
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Current events

Enhanced cooperation to decrease energy consumption – signing ceremony in the context of German state visit to China
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Engineering competence and
technological know-how

CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH, as an engineering service-provider and licensor, offers the planning, layout and installation of systems for synthesis gas generation according to the CCG® process.

CHOREN Industrietechnik takes over the detailed engineering for the know-how-intensive core components in this case, as well as their manufacture, and provides you with the know-how for optimal system operation.

There is no getting away from synthesis gas

In the meantime the worldwide raw-material situation has changed and crude oil prices are rising. Synthesis gas manufacture from coal is undergoing a boom. At the present time coal gasification opens up the cleanest and most flexible way to convert coal into high-quality products. Meanwhile, about ten process variants have been developed for coal gasification.

A decisive role is played here by gas synthesis plants in the fuel industry and in the chemical sector. The flexibility of the reactive CO/H2 mixture as an intermediate for the chemical industry, or also as fuel for the power industry, is in demand as never before.

Our performances in overview