The high-temperature gasification in entrained flow under pressure produces a very pure and energy-rich synthesis gas having the following properties:

CO + H2> 90 vol%
free of condensate
free from aromatic compounds

Process parameters

  • High-temperature gasification (1400 - 1700 ° C)
  • Services of synthesis gas production: gasifier power 200 to 800 MW
  • Gasifying instrumentss: oxygen, or oxygen mixed with steam and / or CO2
  • Fuels can be used with an ash content up to 35%
  • Ash melting point <1450 ° C, if necessary, by additional flux
  • Operating pressure 40 bar in the carburetor

Further advantageous features the CCG® process

  • Carbon conversion rate> 99%
  • High cold gas efficiency
  • No restrictions on the sulfur content
  • High burner durability (1 inspection / year)
  • Cooling screen instead of refractory lining, enabling rapid approach and retraction
  • High cooling screen durability up to 20 years
  • Optimized Wasserquenchung
  • High gasifier durability by dross protective layer in the gasifier
  • Lower oxygen consumption of the dust gasification compared to the gasification of slurry