Possible materials used fot the CCG® process

Ash-containing solid or liquid fuels, gases as a fuel additive

Demands on the ingredient

  • Minimum content of ash
  • Suitable ash composition (melting behavior, viscosity)

Addition in the solid fuel

  • Ggrindability
  • Drying to the removal of surface moisture (coal <2%, lignite <8 .12%)


Almost all types of coal can be used, from lignite to anthracite coal. Also the use of ash-rich coal is possible. The method is also suitable for salt coal, which is rarely used so far.

Kohle als Einsatzstoff für das CCG-Verfahren

Petroleum coke

This is easily used in a mixture with coal or alone after addition of a minimum amount of ash.

Petrolkoks als Einsatzstoff für das CCG-Verfahren

Torrefied biomass

By thermal treatment of biomass under exclusion of air at 250 to 300 ° C (pyrolysis) their fuel properties improve significantly. The torrefied biomass has a porous, carbon-like structure and may be ground as coal and mixed with the main fuel.

Biomasse als Einsatzstoff für das CCG-Verfahren

Other ingredients can be:

Heavy oil, bitumen, organic solvent, gas, organic waste