Choren Coal Gasification® Process

The CCG® technology is based on a long-standing, proven process of coal gasification for the generation of an ultra-pure, high-energy synthesis gas.

This is the base material for the manufacture of classical synthesis gas products, such as methanol and ammonia, and is used for the manufacture of fuels and a great number of chemical base materials, or can be used for electric power and heat generation.

As a result of the application of the innovative burner concept for the dry coal-dust gasification, as well as the subsequent water-quench, the following advantages result for the process:

  • High quality of the synthesis gas: No aromatics, tars, phenols and condensates
  • High raw material variability: Hard coal, lignite, petroleum coke, mixtures of waste and/or biomass
  • The employment of inferior coal qualities with high ash content is possible
  • Low capital expenditure due to compact design and optimized water-quenching
  • Low operating costs
  • High flexibility through fast startup and shutdown
  • High level of plant availability through simple and rugged design

Further information

For the manufacture of classical synthesis gas products, first of all with a gasification process of biomass, coal or other carbonic materials, a synthesis gas is obtained.

As a result of high-temperature gasification in the ash flow under pressure, there arises a very pure and high-energy synthesis gas with useful characteristics.

Different starting materials can be used with the CHOREN Coal Gasification® process in order to achieve a high quality of the synthesis gas.